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  • By participating in this training you have acknowledged a particular interest or need to learn how to provide spiritual help to women, men, and families who are considering or have chosen an abortion.At Faith Aloud, we want to bring families’ experiences into the open so that we might offer spiritual comfort and the opportunity for wholeness of spirit.

    For more information on Faith Aloud and what our organization can do for your community, please visit our website at

Faith Aloud is an interfaith, non-profit organization that provides free faith-based counseling and resources to women who are pregnant or have had an abortion, in addition to counseling for other life events.

We Are Faith Aloud - the Religious & Ethical Voice for Reproductive Justice.
Overcoming the religious stigma of abortion and sexuality since 1981.

You can become a member of Faith Aloud and join the movement to promote a healthier conversation between sex and religion. We need your support! Please visit to learn how you can get involved or to make a tax-deductible donation to help us continue our services!
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